New interface Blue10

We are currently working a total rebuild of our software. A part of this is the development of new websites with a new interface. By rebuilding our software we improve the stability and speed of Blue10. In this blog we will show you all the changes in the renewed interface of our product.

Curious to see all the changes we have made? 

The user experience of our new websites will resemble the old websites. Our new websites come with our new interface – which is similar to the old one but has an attractive modern twist. Are you curious to see all the changes we have made? Click on one of the images below to read more about all the changes per topic.

Progress of the new interface

We’re transferring all customers  to our new websites step-by-step to make sure the performance is steady. You can find our timeline here: 

Planning: Winter 2021

In the winter of 2021, the remaining customers will be migrated in phases from the old to the new interface of Blue10.

November 2021

The group of beta customers with users with the role Post have also been transferred. Entire customer environments are migrated to the new websites and all users in these customer environments are working with the new interface.

February 2021

First users with the role Check and Approve for Payment of 15 different customers have been transferred to the new websites and are working in the new interface.