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Create a new company – MS Dynamics NAV WS

To be able to create a financial entry in Blue10 and post invoices, you need to connect Blue10 to NAV WS. In Blue10 you can create a company to link Blue10 to the relevant administration in NAV WS. Your suppliers, and all masterdata will be retrieved from NAV WS so you can use them in Blue10.

Follow our step-by-step plan to create a company in Blue10:

  1. Go to Settings > Companies and click on New Company
  2. Enter the name or abbreviation of your administration in the field Blue10 Company Display Name. Every user in Blue10 will see this name or abbreviation.
  3. Choose your accounting system: Navision Webservice.

Please note: Check beforehand if this is a connection for NAV WS or NAV SQL. Read more about the NAV SQL connection here.

Check the following settings:

    • NAV company Id: Enter the administration name as you would like to call the administration in Blue10.
    • NAV webservice url masterdata: Enter the Blue10 OData URL here. In NAV you will find this address under Web services. These are created from an import from the Blue10 settings in NAV.
    • NAV webservice url Blue10 inbox: Please enter the Navision web server address here. In Navision you will find this web server address under Webservices. This address must be created with the corresponding Codeunit.
    • Validate free text field 1 and 2: Set to YES to add an extra feature to NAV when validating an invoice (to make this possible you also need to make an adjustment at the NAV environment).
    • Standard currency: Enter the standard currency of the administration. You should only adjust this if the administration has a currency other than EUR.
    • Routes based on dimension (as cost center or cost unit): In the auto- and suggestion routes, the global dimensions from NAV can be used as requirements. Set this setting to the dimension you would like to create suggestion- and/or autoroutes for to retrieve the values of that dimension. The values will be synced to Blue10, so they can be used in the routes. Use the field Cost center or Cost Unit in the route to choose the dimension value. If no values are available, synchronize masterdata first. Note that these routes will only work for posted invoices, since those have dimensions on the posted invoice lines in Blue10. You can translate this field on the posted invoice lines in the Custom translations.
    • NAV cliënt type: Choose between RTC (Windows cliënt) or WebClient. Enter the following information in the field below:
      • Server name  RTC Client: Fill the serveraddress as shown in the NAV client that you open. For RTC, add the company name as used in NAV to this, so fill this field with ‘[servername]:[portnumber]/[instancename]/[company name]’.<br>
      • Server name WebClient: Fill the serveraddress as shown in the NAV client that you open. This should look like ‘[servername]:[portnumber]/[instancename]’.
    • Validate description: Set to YES to enter a description in the validation screen. The description will be displayed in the header of the posting in Navision.
    • Add PDF to invoice: Set to YES to export the PDF to NAV
    • NAV webservice domain: Enter the domain of the super user in NAV. This is the Windows domain regarding de windows user ([domain]/[username]).
    • NAV webservice login: Enter the username of the super user in NAV
    • NAV webservice password: Enter the password of the super user in NAV

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our Customer support. We are happy to help you!