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In our supportblogs we describe step for step how various functionalities of Blue10 work. In this way, you will get the most out of Blue10! Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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Document recognition

Description of functionality Blue10 uses various methods for improving document recognition. Depending on the following factors, the document recognition learns and gets better and better: How clear are the details…


Via Settings > Companies various settings are adjustable per administration. Some settings in Blue10 are environment settings, and are therefore not adjustable per administration. You can find these settings via…

Validating invoices

Blue10 recognises the most important information in a document. After recognising the most important information, the document becomes available in the document splitter (Classify) or the validation screen (Validate). Want…

Splitting of documents

The document splitter makes it easy to separate or merge scanned and/or emailed invoices within Blue10. This step happens in between importing and validating the invoices and other financial documents.…

Add new company- AFAS ERP

Om je AFAS administratie(s) succesvol aan Blue10 te koppelen, dien je onderstaande stappen in AFAS en in Blue10 uit te voeren. Allereerst zorgen we dat de instellingen in AFAS goed…