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In our supportblogs we describe step for step how various functionalities of Blue10 work. In this way, you will get the most out of Blue10! Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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Data synchronization

All data (suppliers, general ledger accounts, cost centers, projects, etc.) from the accounting system are automatically synchronized overnight. In some situations you immediately need that one supplier to process a…

Actioned by user: your personal archive

Are you looking for invoices you have already processed in Blue10? The option ‘Actioned By’ enables you to easily gain insight into the processing of invoices within your organization. Follow…

Downloading Blue10 invoices

Every first day of the month, you'll receive an invoice from us at the e-mail address you've provided. Didn't receive anything? No problem! You can download your invoice in Blue10…

Blue10 App

There's several ways to import documents in Blue10: manual uploads while using the Import button in Blue10, e-mailing documents to your Blue10 address, or taking a photograph with the Blue10 App.…


All users who have the rights to 'Post' invoices in Blue10 have access to our dashboard. The dashboard provides them with an overview of all active documents from all companies…