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Release notes

Our release notes provide an overview of all our new features and all the bugs we’ve fixed in Blue10. All updates are categorized per month, which makes it easy to access the correct information.

Please note: we update our software on a ring-based deployment. This means we’ve categorized our users into several groups, and we’ll update our software step-by-step according to those groups. As a result, it may take up to five days before any updates mentioned in the release notes will be available in your Blue10 environment.

February 2024

New functionalities

  • Coding purchase invoices on projects and project tasks
    From now on, it is possible to code a purchase invoice to an active project and/or active project task. Under Settings > Companies, you can now use the new setting Code on projects under the Code Information section. By setting it to Yes, Blue10 will display the Project and Project Task fields in the coding lines on the validation screen and in the Booking Details on the Document Details page: Purchase. When the Project field is filled, it is also mandatory to fill in the Project Task field.
    Note: If a project obligation is set on the general ledger account in, it is mandatory to code on a project.
  • Coding purchase invoices on dimensions 4 and 5
    With dimensions in Blue10, it is possible to further specify costs during validation based on details set in Under Settings > Companies, you can now use the newly added dimensions 4 and 5 under the Code Information section. By setting it to Yes, Blue10 will display the dimension(s) in the coding lines on the validation screen and in the Booking bon the Document Details page: Purchase.


Invoice Management – General 

  • Change in the font of Blue10
    Blue10 has changed its font. The new font is chosen to present data more clearly and make more data available on a page.
  • Blue10 available in dark mode
    From now on, it is possible to set Blue10 to dark mode, making all pages dark. Each user can set this individually. Click on your Username in the top right corner > My Settings > Preferences > Check the Use dark mode setting. Want to learn more? Read further here.

Contract Management 

  • The number of linked contracts is visible on the Contracts tab
    On the Document Detail page: Purchase contains details about the processing of the purchase invoice. In addition, an image of the purchase invoice is also visible. Above the image, depending on the settings, there are tabs including the Contracts tab. From now on, the number of contracts is also displayed on the Contracts tab.

Resolved issues

No updates available

January 2024

New functionalities


  • Recording Purchase Invoice on Project(s)
    From now on, it is possible to book a purchase invoice on a project in Blue10 because Blue10 retrieves projects from Netsuite. For each company, it is possible to enable or disable coding fields via Settings > Companies under the section Code Information. Here, you can activate the setting “Code on Projects.” On the coding lines in Blue10, the Project field becomes visible, allowing you to select a project.
  • Using purchase order lines with a Expense line
    If a purchase invoice is linked to a purchase order, it is possible to select the purchase expense lines in the validation screen via the Purchase Order dialog. From now on, Blue10 also synchronises purchase order lines with a cost rule (such as transport costs).


General – Invoice Management

    • The user role Workflow administrator is visible again in Blue10
      In Blue10, you manage user roles via Settings > Users. For each user, it is visible which rights and roles the user has under the headings Companies and Roles. From the past, there are two different roles with administrator rights:
      1.      Administrator: may do everything under the Settings button in Blue10
      2.     Workflow administrator: allowed everything under Settings except managing Companies and Users
      In the revamped interface, Blue10 showed only the Administrator role under the Roles heading. From now on, Blue10 will again show the role Workflow Administrator.
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