Release notes

Our release notes provide an overview of all our new features and all the bugs we’ve fixed in Blue10. All updates are categorized per month, which makes it easy to access the correct information.

Please note: we update our software on a ring-based deployment. This means we’ve categorized our users into several groups, and we’ll update our software step-by-step according to those groups. As a result, it may take up to five days before any updates mentioned in the release notes will be available in your Blue10 environment.

January 2022

New functionalities

No updates available. 

Bug fixes

New Interface

  • It was not possible to close the screen after enlarging a document in the Document Classifier. From now on you can click on on the cross sign (x) to exit the screen.
  • While validating an invoice it was not possible to enter a negative amount. An error message appeared after entering a minus sign (-). This has been fixed.
  • On the documentdetail page: purchase, an empty pop up showed after clicking the button Open Invoice in NAV. After, the invoice opened in NAV. This has been fixed, the invoice opens directly in NAV without a pop up.
  • It was not possible to approve an invoice with a foreign currency for users that have a limited approval amount. This was due to a bug in the calculation of the exchange rates. This bug has been solved.
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