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Create a new company – Twinfield

To be able to create a financial entry in Blue10 and post invoices, you need to connect Blue10 to Twinfield. In Blue10 you can create a company to link Blue10 to the relevant administration in Twinfield. Your suppliers, and all masterdata will be retrieved from Twinfield so you can use them in Blue10.

Follow our step-by-step plan to create a company in Blue10:

  • Go to Settings > Companies and click on New Company
  • Enter the name or abbreviation of your administration in the field Blue10 Company Display Name. Every user in Blue10 will see this name or abbreviation.
  • Choose your accounting system: Twinfield
  • Check the following settings to make the connection between Blue10 and Twinfield:
    • Twinfield administration code: : Enter the number of your administration in Twinfield. You can find this code in Twinfield by selecting the name of your administration, at the top right at your screen. You will find the code next to the name of your administration in the drop down menu. 
    • Twinfield environment:  Enter the name of the environment you use to login to Twinfield. After, click Connect to Twinfield to make the connection.
Check the following settings:

  • Purchase journal: Enter the standard purchase journal.
  • Sales journal: Enter the standard sales journal.
  • Post invoice with status: Set to Concept to create concepts of all invoices. Choose this option if you would like to finish the process in Twinfield after approval in Blue10. Set to Definitive to directly post invoices in Twinfield.
  • Code on Cost Center: Set to YES to code on cost center.
  • Code on project: Set to YES to code on projects.
  • Standard tax code: Enter the standard tax code.
    In Twinfield, you can find the tax code in Settings > Administration Settings > Journals > Purchase Invoice > Standard tax. 
  • Standard currency: Enter the standard currency as set in your accounting system.
  • Auto level VAT: Set to YES in order to auto level VAT.
  • Post ICP VAT sales invoices on: Enter here if the ICP VAT number need to be posted on Goods or Services.
  • Spread invoice: Set to YES to spread the costs of the invoice on different terms.
  • Document URL: With a Document URL it is possible to open the invoice in Blue10, directly from Twinfield. After setting up this URL, every posting will link to the original file to the invoice in Blue10. Follow the following steps for setting up the document URL:
    • Open Twinfield en go to Settings > Administration Settings > Journals.
    • Select the journal.
    • In the fields Free text field 1 and free text field 2 indicate that the use of these fields is allowed.
    • Paste the link that you see here in Blue10 in the field Document URL at Document Imaging in Twinfield. P
      If you don’t have the rights to do this, ask your colleague or accountant to set the Document URL. 
  • Click Update all suppliers and Update all masterdata. The suppliers and masterdata will now be retrieved from Twinfield to Blue10.
  • Click Save and Close.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our Customer support. We are happy to help you!