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Deleting users (Employees leaving employment)

If an employee leaves the company or no longer needs access to the Blue10 for some other reason, you can delete or inactivate this user. A user with the Admin role can adjust this setting.

We recommend never deleting a user unless they have been created incorrectly or leave the company. This is because deleting a user is irreversible.

Deactivating a user

It is possible to make a user inactive via the User overview. The user continues to exist but no longer has access to Blue10. It is possible to make the user active again at a later point in time.
Follow the steps below to make a user inactive.

Go to Manage > Users and open the relevant user by clicking on the line. Change the settings of the following fields:

  1. Active: Uncheck this option. This makes the user inactive.
  2. Selectable: Uncheck this option. This makes it impossible to send an invoice to this user. This field is visible only when advanced rights are set.

Click on Save. From that moment the user has no access to Blue10

Delete user permanently

Deleting a user in Blue10 is irreversible. Go to Settings > Users and open the relevant user by clicking on the line.

Next to the Save button, you will see the Delete button. Click this button to remove the user from Blue10.

Note: Check whether there are still invoices with the user and/or routes that include the user.
Note: In the history of each invoice that the user has handled, the actions and comments performed remain with the abbreviation of the deleted user.

Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact our Customer support. We will be happy to help you!