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Actioned By

Are you looking for invoices that have already been processed in Blue10? You can genenerate an overview of all processed invoices by adjusting the filter in the Document overview: Purchase. Click on Overview and select Actioned by user in the drop-down menu and select a user in the field At user:

Click on Search to generate the overview of all invoices that have been processed by either you or the user that you have selected. The invoices are shown in chronological order starting at the most recent invoices. This means the invoice that has been processed most recently, is listed at the top of the list. In case you have user rights to view all invoices, it is also possible to search for invoices that have been handled by other users.  To do so, select a different user in the field At user. This way you can easily gain insight into the processing of invoices within your organisation.

Tip: Click Overview and select To-Do from the drop-down menu to view all documents that are ready to be processed.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact our Customer support. We are happy to help you!