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Description of the functionality In Blue10 it is possible to link extra search terms, so-called tags, to a document. This makes it easy to retrieve specific documents that are linked…

Posting templates

Please note: This blog only applies to users who work with AccountView, AFAS, Exact Globe, Twinfield, iMuis, Exact Online, Visma and Unit4 Multivers (Online). Posting templates can help you to…


When dealing with an invoice, you can indicate which follow-up action a user can take. These actions may be carried out manually for each invoice, but it is also possible…


There's several hotkeys available in Blue10 to speed up your process. Find out more about them in this blog! Hotkeys at Verify Tab will take you to the next field;…

Reports in the Blue10 service

You can download several (Excel) reports from the Blue10 service. These reports provide more information into your invoice workflow and can contribute to the audit performed by an accountant. For…

Checking on duplicate invoices

To prevent an invoice from being processed twice in your administration, Blue10 checks for duplicate invoices. Based on the combination of supplier and invoice number, Blue10 checks whether the invoice…