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Splitting of documents

The document splitter makes it easy to separate or merge scanned and/or emailed invoices within Blue10. This step happens in between importing and validating the invoices and other financial documents.

Which documents can I process in the document splitter?

In the classify, it is possible to edit across different document types. By default, all invoices go directly to the validation screen, unless it is an e-mail containing multiple PDF files. In addition, you have the following options to send more documents through the document splitter:

  • Uploads of PDF files containing multiple pages (single-page PDF files go directly to the validation screen);
  • E-mails containing one PDF of multiple pages: in this case, you can choose to split all e-mails containing a PDF of multiple pages or only those from certain senders, e.g. the scanner;
  • E-mails with one single-page PDF. You can then classify these by company or document type (such as packing slip or invoices), before validating them. Note that changing the document type can only be done in the splitter, during validation this is no longer possible. 
Note: In the menu, click on Settings > Settings to adjust the above settings. Read more about these settings in our supportblog.

Open the document splitter:

The document splitter can be accessed in two ways:

  1. Via the Import > Classify;
  2. Via the dashboard Classify.

How does the document classifier work?

After importing documents via email or upload, it is possible to split the documents. This allows you to scan multiple invoices at once and process e-mails with multiple PDF attachments.

Follow the steps below to split a document in the document classifier:

  1. Open the document classifier. On the left, all the imported documents are listed. The source shows whether the invoice was received via a manual upload, email or via the Blue10 App. The continuous coloured bar above the pages indicates that the document consists of multiple pages and is seen as one invoice.
  2. Use the menu in the coloured bar to select the correct administration and indicate whether it is a purchase invoice, sales invoice or packing slip. Depending on the document type, the green bar will change in colour. You can also switch administrations here by clicking on the administration name.
  3. There are two ways to split documents:
    1. Click the Split All button. This button indicates that all pages in the document are separate invoices. An interrupted green bar is now shown next to each page.
    2. By clicking the light grey line between the pages, you split the first page from the other pages.
  4. Click Save if the batch has been split in the preferred way. After that, they go through text recognition and appear in the validation screen.

Merging pages

Do you want to merge the pages again? It is possible to merge documents in two ways:

  1. Hold down the mouse button on the right document and drag it to the left until the document overlaps with the left document.
  2. Click the Merge All button. With this button you indicate that all pages in the document can be merged.

Deleting documents

  1. The bin icon is used to delete the page. The three icons are visible in a blue bar when you move the mouse over a document.
  2. Click on the bin icon in the coloured bar above the document to delete the entire document. This way, it is possible to delete several pages at once..

Adding attachments

Click the paperclip icon to save pages as attachments. Those pages will not be used by the text recognition system. This makes the recognition of the amounts faster and more reliable. The first page in a document is always ‘the invoice’. Note: These pages will be shown in Blue10 on the ‘Invoice’ tab. This feature does not add the page in the ‘Attachment’ tab.

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Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our Customer support. We are happy to help you!