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Automatic forwarding of e-mails with invoices

There are several ways to upload invoices into the Blue10 service for processing. Namely; a manual upload via the Import action in Blue10, or take a photo with the Blue10 App or mail the invoice to an e-mail address. An e-mail address affords you the convenience of forwarding your scanned documents easily. Another incredible advantage is to provide a designated e-mail address to your suppliers, who can send their invoices directly to the Blue 10 service. This is the most ideal scenario, as almost all suppliers submit their invoices digitally. This way you can work even more efficiently, cutting out the need to manually scan invoices.

You have two options for receiving digital documents via an e-mail:

  1. Using a Blue10 e-mail address which is also communicated to suppliers*. Read more about this in our support blog.
  2. Using your own/company e-mail address. With this option you have two choices;
      • Retain your e-mail address for correspondence only. Request and notify your supplier to send invoices to the newly created Blue10 e-mail* address for all future processing.
      • Initiate automatic forwarding on the mail server of your own e-mail address to the Blue10 e-mail address. This blog serves to explain this further.
Take a note: In either scenario, a Blue10 e-mail address must be created. The options above only give you a choice whether you share this address directly with your suppliers or not.

In the case where you have already created or used your own/company e-mail address for receiving invoices, and do not wish to notify your suppliers of another change of e-mail, auto forward is the best solution.

Set up automatic forwarding of e-mails
Follow the steps below to automatically forward e-mails with invoices to Blue10.

  1. First create a Blue10 address. Follow the steps from the support blog
  2. The forwarding of the e-mails is not done in the mailbox itself, but on the mail server. Ask your system administrator to set up the auto forward on the mail server.
  3. Once auto forward has been activated, all incoming e-mails to your own/company e-mail address will be directly forwarded to the Blue10 e-mail. Blue10 then automatically reads the invoices in the software and saves all e-mails. In addition, Blue10 sends an auto-reply to the sender. The sender receives an automatic reply with notification that the invoice has been processed successfully. If the invoice is not received correctly, the supplier will be informed of the steps that he/she can take to check whether the e-mail meets the conditions, and with the request to resend the e-mail invoice.
Take a note: It is not possible to forward e-mails (automatically) to Blue10 from the Outlook client. Due to the auto-reply function of Blue 10 mailing service, with a personal outlook email, the reply is sent to your own invoice e-mail address and not to the supplier. This causes a loop, because the auto-reply ends up in Outlook and from there it is forwarded to Blue10, which again sends a new auto-reply, etc. However, should a single invoice be sent to a personal e-mail address, it can of course, be manually forwarded to the Blue10 address. In this case, it is highly recommended that you inform your supplier of the Blue 10 email address to avoid this loop and for the future convenience for you as well as your supplier.

Do you have any questions? Please contact our Customer support. We are happy to help you!