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An overview of the Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a document not visible in Blue10 after importing?

Due to various reasons, a document may not be immediately visible:

  • A document gets the error Errors in e-mails received under the Import heading.
  • After importing a document, by default the document goes directly to the validation screen, unless it is an e-mail containing multiple Pdf files. Through Manage > Settings, there are various settings related to the documents entering the document splitter

Why is a document blocked on the split or validate screen?

When a user is processing a document on the split or validate page, this document is blocked for other users. This ensures that there are no users working in the same document. The other users can work on other documents on the split or validate screen.

How can I process an electronic invoice (pdf with an XML-file) in Blue10?

After importing an electronic invoice, this invoice is immediately available under Booking. An electronic invoice skips validating, because Blue10 retrieves the data from the invoice out of the XML-file. Follow the steps below to book an electronic invoice:

  1. Click Post and then the line of the invoice to open Document Overview: Purchase.
  2. Click to open the relevant purchase invoice. You can find the coding of the purchase invoice under Coding lines.
  3. Click Edit to add booking lines.
  4. After adding the booking lines, perform the Book and block action / Book invoice to Invoice Administration in Blue10 to book the invoice.

Tip: Would you like to book an electronic invoice automatically?
Then use a booking template in which the coding is immediately 100% conclusive. This way, the invoice is automatically booked into the accounting system.

Tip: Would you still like to process an electronic invoice in the validation screen?
This can be done with the setting Process electronic invoices through the validation screen. A user with admin rights can activate this setting through Settings > Settings

Why is an invoice undone after booking or unbooking the invoice?

When you fail to book a purchase invoice in the accounting system, the invoice is undone in Blue10. Open the invoice in Blue10 and under the heading Undone is a solution to fix the error. Clicking on information opens a detailed step-by-step plan to fix the error.

Is there no solution listed? Please contact our supportteam. 

I am missing master data and/or suppliers in Blue10. How can I transfer/update master data and/or suppliers?

Blue10 automatically synchronizes all data (suppliers, general ledger accounts, purchase orders, cost centres, projects, etc.) from the accounting system every night.

Need data immediately? It is also possible to manually synchronize the data just created from the accounting system in Blue10.

  • In the Validate screen (Validate), there are two arrows next to the Administration Click these to synchronize master data and suppliers.
  • In the Validate screen, next to the Invoice order number(s) field, it is possible to use the two arrows to synchronize purchase orders from the accounting system.
  • Trough Settings > Companies, it is possible to synchronize master data and suppliers per company. This can be done by opening a company and clicking on Synchronize master data or Synchronise vendors.

I have not received the Blue10 invoice. Where can I find it?

A user with admin rights can download the invoice in Blue10. Follow the steps below:

  1. On the right-hand side of your screen at the top, click on the environment name and own name. Then click on Subscription overview.
  2. Above the Blue10 invoices is a Download Invoices button. Click this button.
  3. A screen with all available invoices opens. Click on the line to download the Blue10 invoice. By saving it and then importing it into Blue10, it is possible to process the Blue10 invoice.

We will send the invoice to the e-mail address known to us. Has this e-mail address changed? Please send an e-mail with the new e-mail address to so we send the invoice to the correct e-mail address.

Tip: In the ideal scenario, all suppliers (including Blue10) send their documents to the Blue10 e-mail address so it is instantly available for processing in Blue10. Read more here.

Where can I adjust the subscription and/or change customer details on the Blue10 invoice?

Customising the Blue10 subscription:
A user with administrator rights can modify the subscription in Blue10.
Follow these steps:

  1. On the right-hand side of your screen at the top, click on the environment name and username.
  2. Then click Subscription overview. Click Change Subscription to change the subscription.

Do you want to see the usage of the subscription? A user with admin rights can consult the subscription overview in Blue10 for an overview of the number of documents processed. Want to know more? Read more here.

Please note! A change can only take effect from the first of the following month. Every month it is possible to increase or decrease the subscription. The subscription can only be decreased with one step every month. The subscription can be increased by several steps.

Change customer details on Blue10 invoice:
In Blue10, you can find the Subscription overview > Change customer details. Customer details are the data currently known to us for the monthly Blue10 invoice. Think of data such as e-mail address, address data or IBAN number.  You can change these details trough this page or you can send an e-mail to with the desired changes.

Which accounting systems does Blue10 connect with and how can I connect with another accounting system?

  • Blue10 connects with various accounting systems. Click here for an overview of the links.
  • Would you like to link an administration in Blue10 to an accounting system? Choose the desired accounting system in this support blog and follow the steps to create a connection.
  • Is your accounting system not listed here? Then contact support for assistance.

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