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Important update: New set-up for your e-mail preferences available in Settings

We’ve improved the layout of the auto-reply e-mails sent to suppliers, and included some extra set-up options for you in the process. You can find these improvements at Settings > E-mail settings in Blue10. The auto-reply e-mails sent to suppliers after receiving documents in Blue10 now include a better layout. This layout allows you to add several languages and some contact details if desired.

We’ll tell you all about what we’ve changed in this blog and why we chose to do so.

What are the auto-reply e-mails?
Whenever your Blue10 environment receives an e-mail, we’ll send an automatically generated e-mail reply to the sender (the supplier or a user) to inform them if their e-mail has been received successfully or not. We have two possibilities for these auto-reply e-mails:

  1. An auto-reply informing the sender that their e-mail containing a PDF (with or without XML) has been received successfully.
  2. An auto-reply informing the sender that their e-mail has been received, but cannot be processed in Blue10 because it doesn’t contain a PDF.

What will change?
We’ve made the following changes regarding these auto-reply e-mails:

  • You’re able to select several languages for these e-mails. Select one default language, or create a template with two or multiple languages.
  • You’re able to add contact information to the auto-reply. Include a name, phone number, and/or e-mail address to allow the sender to reach out to the right person within your organisation if they have any questions.
  • The auto-reply e-mails include a proper layout and as the return address. This enables us to guarantee a successful delivery to all suppliers, as it helps us to avoid an ‘unwanted’ label and stay away from the spam box. A perfect online reputation of a return address is vital to ensure successful delivery, and we’ll do our absolute best to this one at 100%.
    This means it won’t be possible (at short notice) to use and/or create your own return address. We are aware some of our clients would like to use SPF records, IP-addresses, or DKIMs to change return addresses, but we chose to exclude these options our first run of the new e-mail templates. We’ll add these options to our software later on.

Why are we changing this?
Our old auto-replies were just some texts without any proper layout. We’ve heard this resulted in a lot of questions and stopped many people from reading the e-mails. We also noticed only a handful of our clients had made changes to these texts. Almost all of these changes included multiple languages or some contact information.

The changes we’ve made in our auto-replies allow us to make these options available for all clients from the start. The changes also allow us to include a proper layout to improve the overall appearance of the auto-reply e-mails.

Do you have any questions?
Please e-mail us at or call +31 88 2583101.