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How can I upload my invoice into Blue10?

There are three ways you can import invoices in Blue10, namely:

  • Mailing invoices to your Blue10 address.
  • Manually upload via the start screen under Import, via Import or send the invoices directly to your Blue10 address via a scanner.
  • Take a picture of the invoice with the Blue10 App.

It is possible to import an invoice in PDF or XML format into Blue10. Should the invoice be in XML format you must also always send a PDF in the e-mail.

What happens if I have an error in my batch overview?

In the batch overview (Scanning > Batch overview) you will find a notification of any error. The Error code and the Error message will instruct and direct you on what went wrong and how you can solve the error. It is possible to open the original PDF to see which invoice has an error.

There are various types of error messages, such as: Invalid PDF (No documents found, PDF password protected, PDF unreadable), mis-scanned (multiple company barcodes, multiple barcodes in a row) and error in text recognition. The latter can often be remedied by clicking again on recognition.

What should I do if I get the error message 'No PDF found'?

Click on the dashboard on Import and then on the line of the error message. This opens the E-mail invoices overview. In this overview under the column Error the error message ‘No PDF found’ is displayed. By clicking on the line you open the details of the error message

Via Open original e-mail you can view the contents of the incorrectly sent e-mail. The sender of this e-mail has received a message stating that the e-mail has been received incorrectly. Alternatively, you can respond to the already opened original e-mail.

Has the e-mail been checked? Then put a checkmark in the Checked field. This indicates that the error has been checked, causing the error message to disappear. Then click Save.


What is the classifier?

With the classifier it is easy to separate scanned or e-mail invoices within Blue10 or to merge them. This step takes place between importing and validating the invoices and other posting documents. In our support blog you can read how the classifier works.

Are all invoices sent through the classifier?

By default all invoices go directly to the validation screen, unless it is an e-mail containing multiple PDF files. You can also choose to have more documents via the classifier:

  • Uploads of PDF files containing multiple pages (PDF files from one page go directly to the validation screen)
  • E-mails with one PDF of multiple pages: here you can choose to split all e-mails with a PDF of Multiple pages or only those of certain senders, for example the scanner;
  • E-mails with one PDF of one page. For example, you can first classify this on a company or type of document (such as packing slip or sales invoice) before you validate it. Take Note: changing the type of document is only possible in the classifier, it is not possible during validation.

If you want to change the above settings, please send an e-mail to and we will set this up for you.

How can I split or merge my invoices via the classifier?

When multiple PDFs arrive via e-mail or a scan, the classifier initially sees this as one document. You can see this on the continuous green bar at the top. As soon as you click Split All, Blue10 detaches all pages from each other. By sliding pages towards each other, you couple them together again. When an invoice has attachments, you can mark it by moving your mouse over the invoice, resulting in a blue bar. In that blue bar you click on the paper clip. Once the batch is split correctly, click Save.


I have scanned or forwarded invoices, but do not see them in the validation screen. What should I do?

For the validation of invoices, Blue10 applies text recognition first, which means it can take a while before the invoices are visible in the validation screen. In the dashboard under Classify or via Scanning > Documents you can check whether the invoices have been entered correctly in Blue10.

I see only 10 documents with invoices. What should I do?

Per user, a maximum of 10 documents are loaded in the validity screen by default. When you have processed document 1, number 11 is loaded. The documents you see in the validation screen are blocked for other users. In the batch overview (Scanning > Batch overview) you can see all documents in Blue10 and which documents have been allocated to (or blocked by) a colleague. In this way you can see which documents are being handled by which colleague.

How does Blue10 recognize a supplier?

When recognizing a supplier, Blue10 first searches for the VAT and IBAN number on the invoice. Make sure that this information is filled in as much as possible in the accounting system per supplier, because this increases the ability and data matching of the text recognition.

Can I process an invoice twice in Blue10?

This is not possible. You will always receive a notification from Blue10 if the invoice number already appears in the workflow or if the combination invoice number and supplier already exists in the administration. Based on this combination we do a check on double invoices. The same invoice can therefore never be booked twice. The check takes place in the validation screen when there is already another invoice with the same data in the invoice overview. At that moment, a red box is placed around the Invoice number field and you can click on the icon next to it to go directly to the same invoice in the invoice overview.

It is also possible that you process two identical invoices in the same batch or validate them immediately after each other. At that moment one of the two invoices in the Purchase Overview will be placed under Error, the other will be booked.

The bar near the document in the validation screen remains orange. What should I do?

An orange check mark means that the invoice lines are not yet valid. Check the fields that are red bordered in the invoice lines. For example, there is nothing filled in these fields or has been entered incorrectly. Above the Amount and VAT fields you can find out what amount you still have to encode. Note that credit lines must be filled on a credit note without a minus sign (-). When all amounts are entered correctly, you get a green checkmark and the code rules are closed.

How do I process a payment discount?

In order to easily offset a payment discount with the net amount, Blue10 has two additional fields in the validation screen. In the first field you can enter the discount and in the second field the percentage. After this, Blue10 immediately deducts the discount and deducts it from the net and total amount. In the invoice lines you post the discount on an extra line. You can post a discount by filling a negative amount and 0% VAT on the extra line. If desired, this can also be done on one line, even if the VAT percentage is no longer accurate with VAT. Pay attention; these discount fields do not take into account the period in which the discount is valid.

If you want to activate the discount fields in the validation screen, please send an e-mail to

How do I enter a credit note?

In the validation screen, you check the recognized data of an invoice. When Blue10 recognizes a credit invoice as debit, you can adjust it manually. Note that when the invoice is recognized as a credit invoice, there should be no minus sign for the amount. With the attribute credit, Blue10 knows that it is a credit invoice. In this case, the amounts in the invoice lines must also be entered without a minus sign.


How can I see if an invoice has been posted?

An invoice in Blue10 receives a temporary invoice number of 5 digits, also known as the Blue10 number. If the invoice is posted, it will receive the next invoice number from the accounting system. This invoice number can be found in the Purchase overview and when you open an invoice (top left under the Blue10 number). The accounting system determines the invoice number.

Why is an invoice undone after posting the invoice?

This invoice can be recognized by the last action Undone. In history you can see that the action for this was Post and Block Payment. When posting in the accounting system is not successful, the invoice is cancelled. For example, the invoice may already appear in the accounting system or the period is already closed in the accounting system. In the header of the invoice you will find the reason for the undone invoice. In the history of the invoice you will find a more extensive error message. After rectifying the error message, you must re-invoice the invoice by executing the Post and Block Payment to Payable in the action field.

The posted invoice is cancelled and I get the error message: 'Unknown Error. Please contact Blue10'. What should I do?

In the history you will find why the action has been undone. To solve the error message, look in the history for the action taken for the Undo action. Is the action Blocked or Posted here? Then you can repeat the action Post and Block Payment to Purchase Administration in the action field. Is the Unblocking action in history? Then complete the Unsubscribe pay-as-you-go action to Purchase order again. Does the message come forward again? Then contact our Customer support.

What do I do with an invoice with the posted period closed?

In the accounting system, temporarily open the period to still post the invoice in the relevant period or you can post the invoice in another period. In that case you open the invoice in Blue10 and adjust it via Invoice code. In Blue10, after the adjustment of the period, repeat the Post and Block Payment to Purchase administration action.

After booking, can I still change the administration with the invoice in Blue10?

It is not possible to change the administration of the invoice after booking. To change the administration you have to delete the invoice in Blue10 and the accounting system. You then import the invoice again, after which you can select the correct administration in the validation screen.

Take Note: Before you delete an invoice, check whether this invoice is still in the mailbox or on the computer. Lost invoice? In Blue10 you can open and save your original invoice before you delete the invoice.

Take Note: Before the invoice is in the accounting system it is still possible to adjust the invoice in Blue10 via Edit > Customize. After adjusting the administration, you also have to enter the creditor again. The creditor number can vary according to the administration. Then click Save and you can book the invoice in the correct administration.

Can I still change the header / entry lines in Blue10 after booking?

It is possible to make changes after posting invoices, but you have to pay attention to the following:

  • Invoice lines: First you adjust the data on the lines of an invoice in the accounting system. Then you open the invoice in Blue10 and click on Edit. In a separate pop-up window, Blue10 opens the invoice lines that you can edit via the Save button. When you click F5 (refresh the page) on the page of the invoice, Blue10 retrieves the changed data from the accounting system. This can take a minute.
  • Header: Blue10 cannot retrieve modified head data from the accounting system. If something has changed in the head of the invoice, this must also be changed in Blue10. This can be done by opening an invoice, after which you click on Edit ein the column with the data of the header. Enter the changes here and click Save.


I cannot approve an invoice. What should I do?

In the history of an invoice you can see which actions have been carried out. Depending on your method (first post, then approve or first approve, then post) the user with approval rights must actually approve the invoice for payment. By executing the Approvement action, the user gives final approval. Check for yourself which rights you have in Blue10.

Has an action been skipped? Send the invoice via the Send action to the person in question with the request to still execute the skipped action or to a user who is allowed to approve the invoice


Why is an invoice undone during the unblocking of the invoice?

A reversed invoice can be recognized by the Undone action. In the history, the Undone action is the Unblock action. Blue10 cannot execute this latter action because the posted invoice (or payment block) no longer exists in the accounting system. This can be done by, for example, manual adjustments to the accounting system, so that the head data does not match the recognized data in Blue10. In the case of changes to the data in the accounting system, you must also adjust this data in Blue10. Open the invoice and click on Edit. Once the data has been modified, send the invoice to the Purchase Administration with the Payment blocking action .


Where can I find my mailed/ scanned invoices?

Email and scanned invoices can be found in the classifier or in the validation screen. Under Scanning > E-mail invoices you will find an overview of all e-mails that have arrived in the Blue10 service. These are the incoming e-mails, not the uploaded documents. When you uncheck the checkbox To check in the upper right corner, all e-mails come forward. By clicking on the line and then on Open original e-mail you will find the original e-mail with PDF and / or XML.

Subscription overview

Where can I find a subscription overview?

As an administrator in Blue10 you can review your subscription and have an overview of the number of processed documents. When you are in Blue10, click on the username in the top right corner and then click Subscription Overview.

How do I interpret the subscription overview?

In the blue heading is the month to which the invoice relates. At Remain month the balance of documents from the previous month, also the stock that you bring from the previous period. With Bundle the number of invoices is from your bundle is shown. Below it, Processed indicates the number of documents processed in the last month. If more documents than the number of the bundle have been processed, you will see the heading Outside bundle. This indicates the number of documents that have been processed outside of bundle number. If you processed fewer documents than in your bundle, then the unprocessed number of documents revert as accumulated stock of documents and will be transferred on indefinitely to the next month (s).

Take a note: The subscription overview does not work yet when invoicing is done through your partner.

How can I change my subscription?

Every month it is possible to increase or decrease the subscription. If you want to change the subscription, please send an email to with the desired change. A change can only take effect on the first of the coming month. Note: Each month you can lower the subscription with a maximum of one step.

View the rates of our subscription here. 


I have not received an e-mail to log in to Blue10. What should I do?

When a new user is created, he immediately receives an e-mail to set a personal password himself. If this e-mail does not arrive, this could be due to varying factors, such as:

  • Is the e-mail address correct? Check the e-mail address that has been entered for that user (Settings > Users) and adjust it if necessary. After this, no new e-mail is sent, but can be clicked on Password forgotten. Here you enter the e-mail address, after which a new e-mail will be sent.
  • The settings of the spam filter. Sometimes the security is set up so that no e-mails can be received from an unknown sender. Then add to the list of safe senders.
  • If it still does not work, please send an e-mail to We shall investigate why the log in e-mail doesn’t arrive at the user’s inbox and ensure that this user will receive an e-mail.

I have forgotten my login details. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your login details or the link for you as a new user has expired (this link is valid for two hours), go to Click Forgot password. You will now enter a new screen where you can enter your e-mail address. Then click on Send and the new e-mail with link will be sent.

Can I just delete a user?

We advise you never to remove a user (unless this has been erroneously created or is taken out of service). This is because the removal is irreversible. Set the user to inactive and non-selectable, so that it can still be found, but the user can no longer work with Blue10.

Management or Administrator can click on the user via Administration > Users and in the Advanced checkbox, tick the Active and / or Selectable checkbox.

How can I create a replacement?

When a user is sick or on holiday, it is useful to set up a replacement that can take over the work. Make the replacement user part of the employee who is sick or on holiday. This is a lot easier than all auto and suggested routes to adjust. Please note that the user’s own rights remain the guiding principle. For example, if the person I am part of has rights to approve, but I am not a user, then I cannot approve the invoices.

Management or Administrator can use Administration > Users to click the user who will replace the work. Choose Advanced > Is part of and choose from the menu the user whose work (temporary) should be taken over.

How can I add a new supplier?

Depending on the accounting system, you can add a new supplier in two ways: via the accounting system or via Blue10. In any accounting system you can add a supplier. During the nightly synchronisation, Blue10 retrieves this new data. Should you want the supplier to be more selectable, then there are two ways to do this:

  1. Synchronize the new supplier in the validation screen by clicking the two arrows next to the Company Code field. If these arrows are dark blue again, the supplier’s synchronization is complete.
  2. Via Settings > Companies > Choose Company > Properties > Update all vendors. Blue10 then retrieves the data from all vendors.

If you work with the accounting systems Exact Online, FinMaster, IMuis and Twinfield, then the creation of a new supplier from Blue10 is possible. This can be done via Settings > Vendor > New Vendor or in the validation screen by clicking on the icon of the page with the + behind the Vendor field.

I have added data (other than a supplier) in the accounting system, but they are not yet in Blue10. What can I do?

In this case, Blue10 has not yet retrieved the data during the standard nightly synchronization. If you need to have changed data in the accounting system immediately, the administrator in Blue10 can perform this synchronization manually. To do this, go to Settings > Companies > Open the administration > Properties > Update all master data. Blue10 immediately retrieves all master data. With Update All vendors retrieves Blue10 data from the suppliers.

What is an autoroute?

An autoroute will set you up to automate the route that an invoice is going through (partially). In a single Autoroute, SYSTEM performs an action without a user intervention. For example, it is possible to set up a user without action to automatically post an invoice after validating or automatically archiving an invoice after it has been paid (and the accounting system has returned a payment date).

A Blue10 administrator can create, modify, and change routes using Settings > Auto routes > New route.

What is a suggested route?

A suggested route suggests an action to execute to a user. This action is then filled in the Action field. It is always possible to deviate from the suggestion route by choosing another action. For example, you can set up the Approve action for payment to Purchase administration by default, so that the person only has to click Run. If the invoice is not accepted, the approver may choose another action.

A Blue10 administrator can create, modify, and change routes using Settings > Suggested routes > New route. A user can also create a suggested route from the block Action. By checking the suggestion route, you set up a proposed action for that vendor. If you also put a checkmark in front of All vendors, the suggestion applies to all suppliers in the administration you are currently working on.

I cannot choose the right action on an invoice? What should I do?

If you are unable to perform a specific action, check the following things:

  • Do you have the correct rights to perform that action as a user? To Approve, you need to have approval rights and the rights to unblock invoices.
  • Check in the history of the invoice which actions have already been executed. Maybe the action has already been performed.
  • Has a previous action already been carried out? For example, depending on the route set, an invoice must first be posted before a user can approve that invoice, or vice versa.

Why am I not receiving a notification e-mail?

You will receive a notification e-mail when invoices are ready to be approved. Depending on the set notification frequency, you will receive direct, daily, on working days, weekly or never a notification email. This frequency can be adjusted by the Administrator in Blue10 through Settings > Users. Each user can also set this up by clicking on your User Name in the upper right corner and then on Settings.

If you do not receive notification emails, first check the notification frequency. In addition, these emails may appear in the Junk E-mail folder or the mailbox will see the e-mails as spam. Then Check with your system management how this is or contact our Customer support.

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