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How to add your accountant to the Blue10 service

By February 24th, 2020No Comments

You can add your accountant as a new user to your Blue10 service. When doing so, you can use special settings to allow your accountant to do check-ups and download reports if necessary.

In the Blue10 service, a user with Administrator rights can add the accountant as a new user. To do so, take the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Users and click on New user. Here, you can create a new user with a standard user role.

Note: If you’d like to add your accountant, you’ll need advanced user settings. Please contact our Customer support if you can’t see the Provide advanced rights button.

  1. Add the following information:
    • Name: Add the user’s first and last name.
    • Shortname: Once you’ve added the user’s full name, Blue10 will provide a shortname automatically. You can change this shortname if you’d like and add up to 8 characters.
    • E-mail address: Add the user’s e-mail address here. This address will be used to log in to the Blue10 service.
    • Language: Choose the preferred language of the user.
    • Notification frequency: When invoices are ready for the user, he or she will receive a notification e-mail. Set this option to Never.
    • Role: Pick the role Approve payment.
    • Rights for: Please select the companies (administrations) your accountant should be allowed to see here.
  2. Click on Save as basic user.
  3. After saving, open the user settings again to provide the user with advanced rights. Add the following information:
    • Active: Check this box to provide access to the Blue10 service.
    • Selectable: Uncheck this box to prevent the user from being selectable in the Blue10 service. This will prevent others from sending invoices to this user.
    • Search rights: Select Open all, send own invoices.
    • Rights to company: Select which companies (administrations) you’d like your accountant to access here.
    • User roles: Choose Alle gebruikers (standaard rechten) here.
  4. Click on Save. The accountant will now receive an e-mail to create a password on the e-mail address you’ve provided us. Subsequently, the accountant will be able to log in to your Blue10 environment.
Note: The link in the e-mail to create a password is only valid for two hours. Once the link is no longer valid, you’ll have to go to and click Wachtwoord vergeten. You’ll be able to add your e-mail address and click on Versturen. Subsequently, you’ll receive an e-mail with a new link to create a new password.
Note: A user with Administrator rights can also download several reports from the Blue10 service fot the  audit. In this report, an accoutnant can see which employee approved an invoice for payment and which user rights have been edited during the year. Read more on this in our blog on reports.

Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesistate to contact our Customer Support. We’d love to help!